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Kevin Lynch

President/CEO, The Quell Foundation, Inc

After serving in the United States Navy, Kevin Lynch redirected his commitment to caring for, and fighting for, people in their times of need by entering the world of healthcare. He invested over 16 years in the private sector, working as a member of senior management teams at three different hospital systems (Miami Heart Institute, University Hospital, and JFK Medical Center) before spending five years at HCA’s East Florida Division Office. Kevin’s effervescent energy to ignite change sparked him to found The Quell Foundation on a mission to change the care and treatment of people who suffer from mental illness. In June 2016, Kevin was invited to speak at The White House during the “Making Health Care Better” series on mental health. His participation as a member of Panel II: Deepening the Conversation on Mental Health catapulted The Quell Foundation into the national spotlight.  

Board of Directors

Michael Brown, Esq.


Christopher Calkins, Ph.D. (Emeritus)

Dept. of Health Policy & Administration at Pennsylvania State University

Reba Dominski

Chief Social Responsibility Officer and President, U.S. Bank Foundation

Carrah Kalat

Vice President, Sales Enablement, Aetna

Keisha Pinnock

Founder of KeiP Consulting LLC

Sharon Press, Ph.D. (Emeritus)

Licensed Psychologist

Rob Rebak

CEO, Forefront Telecare Inc.

John Stanley


Executive advisory board

Vito Diniso

Retired, NYPD

Gus Giraldo

President, Commercial Markets,
Magellan Healthcare

Bryan Johannes

Lieutenant, Hudson, Massachusetts
Fire Department

Farah Kauffman, MPH

Manager, National Partner Relations, Suicide Prevention Resource Center; Operations Manager, National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention Secretariat

Lauren Anne Webb

Senior Vice President, Client Services,
Mindoula Health, Inc.